Oct 1, 2007


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Last Saturday Shaz invited me to mingle around at Pavilion and I did also meet William. It’s my 1st time visiting Pavilion even since it opened on 20th.
I was astonished with Shaz’s height; he is way taller than me. I guess I should alter my blog’s name. There’s fashion shows took place at the Concourse so we have a photo shooting of the show and test drive abit my new lens. =)

Shaz taught me how to differentiates medias, professionals and bloggers.

After that we went to J. Co Donuts & Coffee for some donuts. The donuts there’s are awesome.

Sorry to for leaving early. BTW I’m glad to meet Shaz, William, Sandra and Shaz’s fren.
Upcoming update will be Sungai Buloh photo outing. Stay tune!