May 6, 2008

Friday Lunch@Traditional Recipe Restaurant

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Another makan! I'm really really got nothing to update already. Plz dun flame me!

Last Friday Ronan, Chooi Mei and My Dear came to my office to have lunch with me.

Damn happy! Y? I have been working for this company for about 2 years + and this is the 1st time, frens come over to have lunch with me. =P

I brought them to Kota Damansara for lunch. We went to Traditional Recipe Restaurant. This is my 2nd visit so far.

I like theirs' Loh Pan Mee.

Look yummy mou?

and some side dishes

Some would say eew... seeing this "Green Dumpling"

It taste already actually. =)


Gary Ooi said...

it's ok man..i like makan/food posts..haha..syok mah..see people eat and look at their foods..sure drool wan..haha..

Anonymous said...

Gary Ooi - Haha! Jom makan together-gether.

ZuiYanHong said...

The food looks yummy yummy.
I like makan yummy yummy food.

ahlost said...

Nampak nyaman lar.

First time I see green dumpling. hiak hiak..

Anonymous said...

Zuiyanhong - That's good! Me too!
ahlost - Me too! 1st time saw green dumpling but yummy lar. =)