May 15, 2008

Marie Digby

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Marie Digby came to Malaysia and had an autograph session at One Utama. She also did a short performance, singing her prominent song Umbrella (Acoustic)

Seriously I didn’t know there’s such event until UncleJosh nudged me and asked me to join along. Meet a lot bloggers there like Rames, smashpOp, William, Nigel, LogicYuan, Ras Angela, Albert, joshuaongys and a lot more. (Sorry can't remember that much, nice meeting you guys)

It's damn packed and crowded when the show started. Damn sien can't find any spot to take photo, luckily met Nigel and he got a chair to stood up to get better angle to take photo.

Nothing much to post bout this event as I didn't snap much photo and left early that nite. Cheers!!!!!

Big Mac Chant

I'm still in the running for this Big Mac Chant Challenge that organised by McDonald and supported by Nuffnang.

Hope you can vote for me and promote promote to your frens and family. =P

How? By clicking this link

For Nuffnangers, you just need to login to your account and start voting.
For normal viewers, you just need to have a simple registration and then you can start voting.

Mine is "Big Mac Chant- Tallboyz"

Thank you so much for your support. Really appreciate!!