May 28, 2008

I'm On Radio Again!

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Any of you guys listen to 988 yesterday about 7.45pm?

I was on air again! The 1st attempt was back 4 months ago and won 4 tickets of "Meet The Spartan".

"K6 Tong/K6 Geng" having this "Superhero Movie" tele-contest. As usual I was stuck in jam while listening to radio so I try my luck to call in.

I managed to get thru after few attempts then KK answered my call.

OMG! OMG! I'm on! I'm on! I'm freaking nervous! I'm freaking nervous!

The question asked was what kind of superpower do you think dragonfly man or hour glass has?
My answer - Hour glass probably can freeze time and used can sand as his/her power like the sandman in Spiderman Movie.

Woots! As simple as that I won 4 tickets to watch "Superhero Movie"


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i don like that movie but congrates!

Anonymous said...

SlowCatchUpKuan - U watched? Haha! Dun care, free wat. = P

bearlim said...

i like this movie! i want to watch also!!

Anonymous said...

Bearlim - Hehe! Aussie dun have meh? =)

bearlim said...

the fare is expensive! $11 per person..that mean one person has to spend RM33..>.<

Anonymous said...

Bearlim - Aussie earn dollar, Malaysia earn ringgit. =P