May 26, 2008


Posted by Joshua |

Finally I watched "Ironman"

Been hearing on how awesome is this movie and why I should not miss it.

So yesterday night went to Pavilion to watch this movie with my gf, Sandy and Mun Lay.

Oops wrong picture!!!!!

The movie really really breathtaking like Jericho Missile, flying suit, technologies, amazing sound effects, sense of humour of the main actor, sexy babes and more.

Probably will go for 2nd round if the movie still screening.

Will there be Ironman 2? Pray hard.


Gideon said...

haha don't worry ironman 2 will be out April 30th 2010.

Joshua said...

Gideon - Izit? Can't wait! :)

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

its great right? i love this movie!!! ur iron + man pic very cute haha

Joshua said...

SlowCatchUpKuan - Thanks! I love this movie too. =)