May 11, 2008

Perodua Nautica

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Sorry lately quite busy with work and no internet connection at home made life my wretched.

As you all know Perodua has launched a new model, Perodua Nautica yesterday.

So I went to a Perodua showroom to have a glance of this car. It has 99% similar design with Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios in Japan (5 seaters) except of the badge logo altered to Perodua and the steering wheel.

The different thing about this Perodua Nautica and the newly launched Toyota Rush is the wheelbase length and the type wheel drive. Perodua Nautica is a 5 seater SUV with all time 4WD whereas the Toyota Rush is 7 seaters SUV with rear wheel drive.

This Perodua Nautica is off selling for RM89, 900 and come with 2 colours

How come it can be so expensive? As u can the photo below, this Perodua Nautica is a fully assemble car in Japan and badge it with Perodua. Meaning this Perodua Nautica is a CBU car that imported directly from Japan. Thus the price is so competitive with Toyota Rush in Malaysia that assembled in Thailand.

Confused with National car? CBU?
FYI, Toyota owns a big shared of Daihatsu and Daihatsu are the mother company of Perodua.

No much photo taken as I went there quite late.

Damn! I like the projector headlamp. How I wish got in-built on my myvi.

Look so sporty ler.....

All time 4 wheel drive.

That all for Perodua Nautica. For more info plz logon to

Today is Mother's Day. Wish all mother's in the world. Happy Mother's Day.
I miss you, mum.

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Anston said...

FUH YOH~~~ RM 89,900 ler!!! Made in Japan?! haha... but i think sure got quality control, better than Proton!

Let me propose to my company 1st, hehe...

Anonymous said...

Anston - Should be gua, price tagged with RM90k wor, Made in Japan wor.

UncleJosh said...

... that's pretty nice car...
but a little overpriced for a perodua...
hahaha :)

and yes... we've been voting for you everyday... hehe

Wilsor Cool said...

erm ... perodua naurica FULLY import from Japan and Toyota Rush FULLY import from Thailand! WTH!

BeverLy's Secret said...

wow~~ new perodua?
Awesome..thx for updating me about M'sia latest news...

Anonymous said...

UncleJosh - Yeah! Wat to do? CBU Japan. Thank you man!
WilsorCool - Yeah! If Toyota Rush CBU from Japan the price might reach 1XXk
Beverly - Yeah! New car from P2. =)

Shiveeleaves said...

haiya,dont worry,sooner or later the projector headlamp spare part sure ada 1,sure can fit in myvi,will become a trend can buy then.hehe.
anyway,toyota rush is CBU from Indonesia,i doubt it's QC,worst than malaysia maybe? :P

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - Pray hard! =P CBU from Indonesia? I thought Thailand.

Shiveeleaves said...

the rush is CBU from indonesia,others like camry and altis all from thailand la.hehe.

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - Oh! Now I know!

amei79 said...

should kembara's 2nd generation rite? sell at RM92,XXX in East Malaysia...heard that totally made by Jepun Nissan, only few parts are by Msia, e.g the bumper...lolz.

so should be worth to have one compare to other local cars...should it called national car?

Anonymous said...

amei79 - Nissan? Not Toyota or Daihatsu. =P
Still consider national car, it still have P2 logo on it and need to service in P2 SC.
Worthy? Dun think so ler, 90k for a national car and maintained by P2 SC. Just my sense.