Aug 15, 2008

Happy 6th Months Anniversary

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140808 was our 6th month’s anniversary that I and my dear have been together.

We started our love story in this year of Valentine’s Day. My life was dull and boring before I found my angel. I have learnt the important of love and care; she has brightened up my life!

She had being very supportive and motivate in my life. She will always stand next to me whenever I need someone for support and care.

Tear and joy we shared together.

Sometime I felt that I didn’t play the role of what a good bf should do. Probably I can get an award for “The Most Jackass Boy Friend”

Thank you for always be with me and I'm sorry if I have u sad! Just to let you know I do love you and I always do.


Nkw@i said...

congratz congratz....
bila mau kahwin? =D

Shiveeleaves said...

congrate la tallboyz!
when wanna get married huh? :P

tamz18 said...
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KOKahKOK said...

hoi hoi hoi....6th month keep it up for 60 yearsssssssssss n more! add another 0 (zero) hehe....

all the best~!

joshuaongys said...

lolx hahaha nobody is a perfect person la.. so is okay =) jz dont suck too much!

Anonymous said...

NKWai & Shiveleaves - TQ -.-" wat with the kahwin thing?

Tamz18 - Wat a small world. Of course!


Joshuaongys - =P Thanks man!