Aug 11, 2008

I'm Back | Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Finally I have the time to update my blog.

Sadly to tell my Singapore trip is totally havoc. My training schedule in Singapore was very tight and it’s fully based in the hotel. The happening places like Orchard Road was freaking far from the hotel. And yes! I’m going there for training and not holiday what do I expect? Haha!

Thus there won't be any update bout my Singapore trip. =( Sad....

Let's move on to something better, something that can make u laugh like a crazy person.

Last Saturday I watched a movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

It was a hilarious that had me LOL in the cinema. Seriously I did had a very "Loud Out Laugh" in the cinema till I also feel abit embarrassed for acting like an uneducated civillian.

This movie is about a dude try to forget his ex after she dumped him.

Really had a great time watching this movie. Maybe being so boring for the past few days in Singapore.

Rate 9/10. I'm hoping to watch a full length of this movie. Thanks for GSC for the censors cut. Damn it!