Aug 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear!

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On the 25th of August was my girl friend’s birthday so I brought her for dinner. We dine in at Restaurant Carnaval Churrascaria. It’s a Brazilian Restaurant located at Damansara Jaya. This restaurant was recommended one of my colleague.

This restaurant located same wrong with the Maybank & GSC HQ if you plan go there makan.

???? Look plain? Haha! It's a starter only.

They serve the best barbeque in town and we will able taste the truly brazillian foods all about, that what the owner claimed.

The chefs will walk table to table with the BBQ-ed meat like ham, chicken, beef, lamb and more and slide if you want to taste. They will come over and over and over again until you raise white flag. Hahaha! there's no time limit nor foods.

The boss kept telling me to eat slowly else you will get full easily. This boss really siao, he afraid I will eat less. Hahaha!

Me and My Dear! She look very pretty that day but she look pretty everyday >.<
I won 6 - 5 =P

Then we played basketball.

Hehhe! My dear very cute eh! >.<

Photo above was taken a on 24th during her b'day advance celebration with a bunch of frens in Neway Times Square.


Kawazoe*Ivy said...

ur gf same bday with me :D

btw...happy belated bday to ur gf~~

Anonymous said...

Kawazoe*ivy - Oh! Happy Belated B'day! =)

Andrew said...

lol!! so loving la both of u!! hehehe.... happy belated to her! =D

Anonymous said...

Andrew - Thank you man! =)

ahlost said...

How much per person for the dinner at Restaurant Carnaval Churrascaria? Kuching has got one similar one too. Dined there few years back and one person was RM39 (I think) excluding tax O_O

and and .. Where did you go for the games? Ours don't have tickets if we won't or break the records :(

Anonymous said...

ahlost - RM48++ per pax. We went to Leisure mall arcade game center. =P