Aug 13, 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan Special Screen

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2 days ago I went for a special screening "You Don't Mess With The Zohan"

Thanks to Advertlets for organising another cool activity for the bloggers to hang out and mingle around.

As usual met alot bloggers like UncleJosh, YungChien, Rames, Adrian, Hiew, Karena, Joseph, JoshLim and alot more. Kinna cool hanging out

This movie damn ridiculous yet laugh till my pant off. Ok! Ok! I exaggerated but seriously this movie freaking hilarious. Adam Sandler with his tight hot pant and his middle east accent, it's damn funny lor. Kannnggaru!!!!!!!!! with some phlegm. Hahahaa!

Siao movie of the year.

Rate 9.5/10

p/s must watch in cinema, laugh along with alot ppls in the cinema way more superb, IMHO.

Share with you a tpuching clip.

Warning, it might be lag while buffering but worth to wait tho.

As a cub, Christian was bought by two best friends in Harrods, who put him up in their antique shop until he grew too big for his surroundings.

In 1968, at 18 months, he was rehomed in George Adamson’s famous Kenyan wildlife sanctuary, which featured in the hit film Born Free.

A year on, when John Rendall and Anthony Bourke called to see Christian, they were warned not to get close or he’d tear them to pieces.

But instead the big-hearted big cat bounded over for a full-on cuddle.

So far the tear-jerking tail of the loving lion has gained more than eleven million fans on the video sharing site YouTube.

Article from ; The Sun UK

After seeing this clip I felt wan to hug Poh Chi (my dog =P)


e s t a n c u s said...

wah.. you also got this christian the lion clip? haha. but dam touching leh. once you read the whole story, lagi lah. haha! nice~!

Anonymous said...

Estancus - Yalor! Damn touching!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

I juz watched the Zohan movie on last sun xD
Fucking funny~ LOL