Aug 22, 2008

J for Joshua

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I was supposed to update my blog yesterday due to loaded work I only able to update now.

20082008 was a special day and a superb day for me, it was not only a special day I also received me “New Toy” my new ride; Toyota Vios.

FYI Toyota Vios come with several models which in S, G, E and J spec which just released on market lately. I bought the J spec which is the lowest spec of the others.

The mainly different about J spec and the other models were the accessories like no airbag, no foglamp, manual side mirror, CD player, steel rim and etc.

This J spec still powered with the same engine which is the VVT-i 1,497cc that produce 109 horsepower. The main attraction for me to get this car was the black and sporty look interior which has the same colour with the S spec. What to do I love the S but only can afford the J.

This car has introduced a lot new technology that I have never contacted before. Ok! I admit I’m kinna outdated.

This Toyota Vios 2007 come with Electronic Power Steering EPS which doesn’t use anymore fluid/oil and fully electronic, by this fuel saved.
Next! Key ignition; now I’m no longer needed to turn my car key to ignition till the car engine kicked, now I just need to turn the key by a touch then it will start. It feel likes those luxury cars that has start/stop button.
Imprinted antenna, you find no more radio antenna on the car as it has imprinted on the rear windscreen. No more ppl stealing antenna.

Here some photos of that day I took my car.

Got rear boot remote button too.

The dashboard.

Steel rim! Paiseh!

Notice the number? Nice mou? Hehehehe! Sei Yat Yat Fatt / Hari Hari Kaya / Everyday Rich. OMG! I'm very supersitious. =p

That's all for now. Happy Weekend to everyone =)


Nkw@i said...


Shiveeleaves said...

congrat on getting the all new vios!

when wan change the rim pulak?

fattien said...

wow!!! congratulations

Anonymous said...

NKwai - =)
Shiveeleaves - Thank you. Next month gua!
Fattien - TQ! =)

ahlost said...

Wow.. congrats :)

Anonymous said...

ahlost - Thank you! =)