Aug 1, 2008

I'm On Radio Again! This time on MyFM

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Yahoo! Today is Friday, the happiest working day that everyone would feel the same. Hahaha! Yeah! I’m a lazy bone.

As usual I listen to radio while I’m driving to work. I always listen to MyFM in the morning, their’s segment “Wong Kong Chan Lan” very interesting and funny.

There’s one call-in game called “Chu Si Bat Gua Yau Hei Tan Yuin”

The conversation was about Ah Boon bought a new handphone and wanted to install “Opera Mini” into his handphone. Ah Beng and Ah Lian taught him how to install it. In the end, Ah Boon forgot to buy sim card. No sim card how to use ler? The entire dialogue was damn funny. Then they raised an easy and simple question.

The question was “Can you spell “Opera Mini”?”

OMG! That easy so I try my luck to called in, I redialed, redialed, redialed and finally I got thru. OMG! Damn kanjiong I tell you. Hahaha!

I won Neway voucher worth RM150. Woots!

What a good start of my day. Happy Can?

So anyone listened to MyFM this morning about 8.50am?

BTW I will be going to Singapore on next Wednesday for 3 days.

Vacation? No lar! Going there for training.
Harlo Singapore! Here I come! =)


Charles Key said...

Ah boon wor?My hamster also in the conversation...LOL

Anonymous said...

CharlesKey - Then got Ah Lian mou? Hehehe!

thesaint said...

come Singapore? find me. i bring u go yum cha. hahaha. . .

ChLoE said...

wa...u so lucky

Anonymous said...

TheSaint - Harlo! Haha! I just back. =P Mayb next time when I visit Singapore for "Holiday"

Chloe - TQ! =)

Liang Mui said...

orh.. so u're the one who 'rampas' the line from me ya.. hehe.. i tried my luck on tat day too.. but i couldnt get it. hoping tat u cant spell it.. mana tau tat RM150 voucher goes to u.. ** eessshh eeessshhh **

jus joking.. congrats!

Anonymous said...

Liang Mui - Izit? Hehe! Mayb I was lucky only that day. Have a nice day! =)