Nov 15, 2007

We are Siao! Malacca

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As I said on my previous post, this series gonna be about us.

We wan to make something different, new, innovative, special and the most crucial ingredient is a lot SIAO added on it.

We dun wan to have those lame, boring, tedious and dull passport like portraits.

Here I present you. US!

Top; Douglas, Ryan
Bottom; Darren, Joshua/Tallboyz
We love to pose!

We jump everyday, everywhere, every corner and every time.

Ryan learned flying kick from Master Wong. So he show off a bit, can?

Dun play play, bloods also vomit out.

Video Game! Heee Yah!!!!! K.O!

Here is my 6 brothers posing around in a stadium nearby Pahlawan Shopping Complex.

They are superb hyperactive I tell u. Siao can?


Darren Khor said...

KNNMCCB!!! y only u guys kick me..i wanna kick ur ass too...

Darren Khor said...

don play play huh..TVB trained actor huh..

Anonymous said...

Darren - Too bad! U like to be kicked! Haha! JK!

Ryan Chong said...

hahah!!so funny bcoz darren is the only one kena kicked!!hahaha


Anonymous said...

Ryan - =P

kimfei said...

u guys really have fun in all really pose a lot..haha..nice ler.

Anonymous said...

Kimfei - Yeah! =)

gLaDieZz said...

Very creative. Gladys loves photos from tallboy

Anonymous said...

Gadiezz - Thank you! Really appreciated! =)

:: yvonne :: said...

hey josh, i like this post... especially the part u fight with ur fren.. ohya, d last pic, how u do it? through photoshop or u snap many times in a photo?

Anonymous said...

Yvonne - Thank you! Oh the last photo I photoshopped! =)