Apr 25, 2010

The Crazies | Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Posted by Joshua |

Just got back from Pavilion after watched a movie The Crazies.

The Crazies is just like some zombie-like movie. A small village peoples are contaminated with some biological weapons and turned themselves of human killing machines. They don't bite or suck any blood, they just want to kill.. WTF right?

Rate 7/10 The killing, chasing damn suspend. Good for bloods flow. lol!

Here continue my blogpost about Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair event that I've attended last week at Berjaya Times Square that organised by Nuffnang, Malaysia.

This event has obtained Nuffnang a record to be proud of for "The Largest Bloggers Gathering" in Malaysia Book of Record and I'm proud to be apart in this event. Congraz to Nuffnang.

Beside of the introduction of the new Gatsby Deodorant in the street fair, there are also had exciting fun-fair games like Gladiator Battling, Cowboy Ride, Wall Climbing, Change Tyre and alot more. Not that's all, there are also lucky draw worth RM15,000 up for grab.

So proud eh

Met alot bloggers at the event such as

Tian Chad & Saimatkong

and also

Sandy, Adrian, Xin Hui, Cayenne. Harlo guys!

Not that's all, I also met the femes ayumi hamasaki fourfeetnine. She is very cute and my gf kept saying she very pretty. XD

OMG! I look like just got back from wet market. WTF!


TZ said...

wow! Nice... should join those blogger event one of these day :)

Lulu said...

U standin beside really make her so obvious cuite fourfeetnine ler...lolx

>_- Nice event there~~

Hakzai said...

ur gf jealous cos u take photos wif others pretties!
hehehehe :-P

benooi said...

I downloaded that movie liao, havent watch yet

Joshua said...

TZ - U should man! Come and have fun :)

lulu - lol!

Hakzai - -.-"

benooi - lol! U pirate king