Apr 2, 2010

My Last Day With Micro-D

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31st of March 2010, a day before April fool marked my last day with Micro-D. Unexpectedly I've been servicing this company for almost 5 years.

Met a lot new colleagues and friends, seeing some of them leaving the company and new members joined in. This time is my turn say good bye to the company.

I still remember the 1st day of my work, I was lost and couldn't find the office so I ended up didn't go to work on my 1st day. lol!

My working routine will be changes after this, a new adaptation needed for the new environment.

I'm gonna miss........

The office reception and the customer service counter.

The first view that I'll always see when I reached the office.

Attended assorted customers at the service counter. Got praised, got complaint and even got some grumpy customers that throw theirs' laptop. I'm ain't kidding.

My work place, technical department.

The colleagues that I met on my 1st day in the technical department was Chee Leong (Tech. Manager), Michael (Supervisor), Tim (Senior Sys. Eng.) and Celine (Customer Service). Learnt and gained a lot experience from them, a big THANK YOU to you guys for giving me the chances and opportunity to learn.

It was a quite happening department before Celine & Tim leave the company. We used to have lunch together as well with the corporate team.

This is my messy desk.

This is consider clean tho, normally there are atleast 2~4 laptops on my desk to diagnose and the wires were tangle here and there.

Next is the sales department.

Always pass by here to check the stupid streamyx line, make photocopy documents, collect faxes & documents that printed and also disturb my colleagues Bernard & Robert who act busy working.

Here's the place I did something crazy, photocopied my face with the photocopy machine. XD.

The warehouse department.

we are work closely with the warehouse as we get the stocks that I billed for repair & sales as well returning repaired units to the dealer. Almost everyday will be asked the same question by my fellow Malay's colleague "Josh! Ada Dapat?" "Josh! Ada Kxxxxxt? lol!

Not to be forgotten the toilet. This is the favourite urinal bowl for me to settle my water bill. Muakakak!

The things that I'm going to MISS ALOT and alot are my fellow colleagues and frens. *I almost cried while editing this photo, lol! so emo* XD

Thank you so much to all of you guys.! I had a great time working with you all together as a team in the company. Good luck and all the best to you guys in future!

At that night, we actually had a great dinner together at Tony Roma's. Have to fully utilize the club funds ma. Hehehehe! p/s Tim, Darren, Celine, Ervin, Annie, Sally please don't jealous ya? Hehehehe!

Thanks again to you guys! Do keep in touch yo. Add me in Facebook or follow me on Twitter ya! XD


Theeggyolks said...

you do have many lovely colleagues there XD

kenwooi said...

im sure you will be missed =)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

SAD...i hate farewells..

Chingy said...

So where you working now? :D

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Alamak! Toilet pun mau ambik gambar ahhhh??? ... *sweat* ... muahahaha ...

Joshua said...

Theeggyolks - Yeah =)

kenwooi - Sad :(

MsXeRoZ - Me tooo!!

Chingy - I'm working at Toshiba now.

aahhh-CHEW - I meet the toilet everday geh wor. Hehehehe!

taufulou said...

wow..2nd blog that i read that you guys work ina company for 5 years..geng!