Apr 8, 2010

TM iTalkWhoa! Launch Party!

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Yesterday I've attended TM iTalkWhoa! Launch Party at Borneo Rainforest, Sunway.

TM iTalkWhoa is new service that brought by TM that allows you stay connected with your friends doesn't matter local or abroad with FREE internet calls. FMI, check out my previous blogpost about TM iTalk Whoa!

The event started at 7.45pm, I manage to reach to Sunway Pyramid and saw sunset. Just simply love the yolk colour luminous the sky.

This is the 1st time I visited Borneo Rainforest, indeed the decoration look so....... rainforest. lol!

Mr. Jeremy Kung, CEO of TMnet, gave a short speech about the iTalkWhoa! BTW that day was also Mr. Jeremy's birthday.

A Q&A session are held to all Media & Bloggers for queries and to understand more about iTalkWhoa services.

Not that's all, TMnet actually have invited BunkFace to perform. They are damn yeng eh, had everyone gone high. I almost gotten deaf standing so near to the stage and the speakers.

A lot familiar faces of bloggers are there!

There are also @missycherrio @nigelais @kelster @joshuaongys @simonso @KJ @bryanlyt @Superwilson @taufulou @yapthomas and a super long list I forgot lar, too many ppl eh lol!

Not that's all, there are also some others bloggers like Jeff (wssoo), CurryEgg and Gabriel that I FINALLY MEET in person. lol!

Thanks again to TM for the invitation, had a great night chillin out with bloggers and medias.


taufulou said...

woah! so fast post up d~

Joshua said...

taufulou - mine consider slow jor lor. Others already blogpost on the same day :P