Apr 30, 2010

Opening of TGV Wangsa Walk Mall | Iron Man 2

Posted by Joshua |

Yesterday I was invited to join the Siao Gang for a grand opening of TGV Cinemas at Wangsa Walk Mall.

Where is Wangsa Walk actually? It located opposite of KFC & NZ Curry house, Wangsa Maju.

Reached there quite late thanks to the crawls at LDP. The Siao Gang was consist of Adrian, Jason, Rames, Jenifer, Junn, Hikaru and Eunice.

The new TGV has a brand new look and the cinema halls are spacious, same goes with space between seats, it's something that all long legged people like me wanted to have.

In collaboration of the new opening TGV Cinemas at Wangsa Walk, there were a special screening of Iron Man 2 for the invites.

Popcorn and drinks were served on every seat and I was wow! That's awesome weh, even Jason have his thumb up. lol!

Wokie back to the movie.

I believe everyone who watched the trailer would eager to watch it and I can tell you it's SUPER NICE. The CG and the super computer made my jaw dropped. But then in this sequel of Iron Man, fighting scenes has been reduced maybe because Iron Man found he's going to die due to increase of toxins in his body, Oops I'm a bad spoiler. lol! Go to your nearest TGV cinemas to book your tickets to watch Iron Man 2.

Rate 8/10 Love the humours and jokes in this movie. I love HAMMER's weapon tho *ex-wife*


Simon said...

Cant find TGV wangsa walk show times on TGV.com.my but at least found on cinema.com.my


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