Apr 20, 2010

I Bar B Q My Brother

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I'm not really BarBQued my brother. Actually last week was my younger brother's birthday. So I decided to bring me for dinner to celebrate his birthday.

Me and YY brought him to Bar B Q Plaza at Times Square. He has not been there before it was actually I wan to eat at there :P

Bar B Q Plaza is actually a concept restaurant that you cooks/bbq your own foods that from Thailand. The meat there is good and fresh. I love their's sauce that go well along with the meats, especially added in with alot alot alot of lime.

This is my brother, he doesn't like right? He ain't really tall tho XD

My princess & fugly me. lol!

Recommended to have soft drink while BBQ your food, it feel like i'm in heaven. Exaggerated!

This is one of the most recommended dish you should try out. Think already feel so craving for it now lol!

tasteless fried squids, don't care lar it's free

Happy Belated birthday to my little brother aiks! little brother i meant is my real younger brother ok? Don't think senget.

Recommended to dine-in in big group for better value of money. :)


reddishTea said...

fried bacon rolls look yummeh!

TZ said...

So hows your BBQ Bro taste?

Anyway, happy belated to your bro. May all his wishes come true eh~

KOKahKOK said...

doesnt looks alike...
you eat alll HO LIAO... dats y your didi is small in size... :P

Anonymous said...

reddish - It taste super nice lor. Hehehe! How r u? Long time didn't dropby jor :)

TZ - lol! Didn't taste him wor :P

KOKahKOK - -.-" He ate more than I do *sometimes* lol!

Lulu said...

Ur "little bro" age? *keke*

Nice couple check shirt! :)

BurmaD9547 said...