Sep 11, 2010

Comedy Thursday, TimeOut KL

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Last week Thursday I've attended a Comedy show, Comedy Thursday organised by Time Out Kuala Lumpur at Velvet Underground, Zouk KL.

Beside comedian show by few well known comedian, there was also a line-up performance for first-timers in comedy "Four Men, Three Minutes, Two Sen, One Mic" segment and one of the rookies are TheCeddy.

This is the first time I watch comedian show LIVE! and sat on the FRONT ROW! What a great experience and almost have my stomach blown up of laughter.

Steve Northcott the emcee of the day as well a great comedian.

Below are the four rookies, Ceddy, dun know, dun know and dun know. lol!

They were given 3 minutes each on stage to entertain us, whoever received the best responds will get the chance to performance again on next show. Ceddy almost got it for the next round.

Here are few comedian performed;

Siva with Music Sex jokes, the power of controlling music would have better great sex. lol!

Next is Ed. the England Slang Malay dude that talked about his new born baby.

Alfred Loh, talked about STD joke.

Kavin, a very spontaneous Indian comedian. I love his t-shirt with a big WTF! Where can buy ah?

I manage to record a song joke by Steve Northcott, check it out below.

Click on 720p for HD view.

BTW butterscotch mean the "F" word cause he promised his mom not to use so the "F" word so much. WTF right? lol!

I'm sure gonna attend more comedy shows if got chance, it's really fun and hilarious. Laughter indeed a great medicine to make my day better after a hectic work.



Ryan said...

When's the next one?

Anonymous said...

The next show gonna be 7th of Oct if i'm not wrong. It's every 1st week thursday of the month. :)