Nov 27, 2010

Bruce Lee, My Brother & Rapunzel

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Just got back home after catched 2 movies on the same day. Hahaha! Keeping up to break the record of watching 100 movies this year.

This evening I've actually watched "Bruce Lee My Brother"

This movie is an untold story of the legendary martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee by his younger brother Robert Lee.

The name of Bruce was actually an incident mistake by his noob English's father. He repeated the word "Push" by his wife after deliver Bruce Lee in hospital to a nurse that was asking the name after the new baby boy. Not that sure it's a true fact or not but it's quite acceptable lol!

The story his childhood life and his grow up paths. His nature to be rebellious and so competing in everything.

Bruce Lee was born in US, don't know how to cycle and he was sent back to US due to a big and messy trouble he involved.

Rate 8.5/10 The story only his grown up life in Hong Kong and stopped when he was move to US. Interesting life he has and really made me want to know more about him.

BTW today is Bruce Lee 60th's birthday.

The next movie that I watched is Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale.

Some of you may have know the story of Rapunzel, a classic fairy tale which tells a story of young Rapunzel whose has a magical hair that can heal a lot illness.

This Rapunzel by Disney was a musical animated film that changed the originality of the movie where by the original version of Rapunzel is not supposed to be a princess while the Flynn was a prince. But still the changes bring more positive feel to it and seasoned with jokes.

Rate 8.5/10 This movie actually reminded me Cinderella. Love the jokes and the cute chameleon.

Seem that I've watched 2 great movie. Did you watch any nice movies that you can share with me?

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Edwin T said...

Rapunzel is niceee~ It made my day!

Anonymous said...

Edwin - Yeah! Indeed a nice movie and nice song :)