Dec 11, 2011

Arthur Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner so I would not want to miss chance to watched a festive season movie. So I've catched Arthur Christmas on the weekend with YY.

Watched 2D for greater experience at Pavilion. Arthur Christmas is about a Christmas night Santa's second son teamed up his father use a high-tech operation for the presents delivery mission. Unfortunately this was one present being left out and Claus's family would not like to see this happen especially youngest's son, Arthur.

Arthur is the clumsiest in the family member but he has a very passion heart to be a good Santa thus he faced a very tough mission to accomplish.

Rate 8/10 I can feel the Christmas coming! I want to be Santa, he only need to work 1 day in a year! :P


CuteBun said...

Oooo. I have yet to watch any Christmas movie this year~

Anonymous said...

CuteBun - It's a nice movie! You should watch! :)