Dec 6, 2011

Day 1 - Singapore Nokia Lumia Launch

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Today is the first day I'm here in Singapore, attending the Nokia's First Windows Phone launch, Nokia Lumia.

Reached KLIA around 9am meeting up with Nokia's PR, Asri and few others medias.

Went to Old Town for breakfast before our flight to Singapore. I was surprise to know they have Old Town in KLIA.

We took SilkAir Airline to the destination. No more stewardess doing the safe demonstration just watch the damn clip

We were like booked the entire plane as there was less than 40 people including the SilkAir's employees.

We can sit anywhere like a lousai :P

The flight was only 30minutes plus which was shorter than my trip from KL Sentral to KLIA.

We were welcomed at the departure hall and every each of us get a limo to send to our hotel. Yeah! It's like a VIP / LikeALouSai! What a waste of resources?

My limo :P

A friendly Singapore driver chatted about Singapore's life and living standard here.

We stayed at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore which is very near to Clarke Quay.

Had our lunch at the cafe in the hotel before we check in.

Check out my room! Yeah! I own both of the beds. How I wish I can merge both of the beds.

The view from my room

Had a quick rest before the night come and head for dinner. Sound like a Makan & Tidur trip :P

We asked a staff from the hotel for direction on how to reach Clarke Quay, he said it's only 10-15 minutes walks and it's very near only. So we took the option to walk.

The night view along side the river of our hotel.

Closer view of the bridge

We took nearly 30 minutes plus to reach to Clarke Quay kena cheated by uncle lol!

It's very nice there with all the Christmas decoration and LEDs

We had our dinner at Corlander Leaf Restaurant.

Had a great dinner there, the foods there are not bad and the price is quite ok if compare dollar with dollar.

Side dish

I ordered ribeye

Had a great chit chat with others before we head back to our hotel.

One of the view at Clarke Quay.

That's a wrap for day 1. Can't wait for tomorrow to come, waited badly wanted to feel and touch the Nokia Lumia. If you are a Singaporean / Malaysian leaving nearby Johor, you may be interested to join an exclusive Nokia Lumia launch party tomorrow at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay. Be the first 100 to buy the Nokia Lumia 800, you will get a Xbox 360 with Kinect absolutely FREE! How cool is that?

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CuteBun said...

Wow. Like a lou sai all the way!
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jolene said...

agree with CuteBun

Anonymous said...

Hahah! Like a Lou Sai!

MichLeong said...

Wah, you go all the way to singapore for the event? Nais.