Dec 2, 2011

Petaling Street Warriors - Great Local Comedy

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Today was suppose to have our regular "Friday Badminton" with my buddy. The courts booking at 1Shamelin has messed up by the badminton's management. So we ended up no badminton and made a sudden decision to catch a movie at TGV instead.

Watching movie at TGV's 1Shamelin is great! No need to queue and we can pick any seats that we want #likeaboss. The staffs there are courtesy, they will opened doors after the movie ended with a smile on their's face accompany with a word of "Thank You". Both thumbs up to them. I want to raise my feet to do the thumbs

Why we are treated as VIP? I owned the cinema ma! Hahahha! They just opened and not really much people know this mall has a cinema. Now I got a new place to hangout if I want to catch a movie out of blue :P

Ok! Back to the movie.

Another great local movie that we shouldn't missed. Why? We all laugh from the beginning of the movie till end.

This movie is set in Petaling Street in 1908 where it tells a Hokkien Mee's seller who finds himself entangled in deadly battle with skilled fighters. He was linked to the Qing Dynasty and rumor that he possessed of a lost treasure.

He was protected by his wife that refrain himself from consummating his marriage so he can master the "Virgin Kung Fu" in order for him to protect himself in future.

The storyline may sound ridiculousness but who care, I just want to laugh out my arse. :P

Rate 8/10 One word to describe this movie "Chee Bet Kaw Siao" Go and watch, you would not regret.

Check out the movie trailer;


FionneLoi said...

yes! this movie is sipper funny and u will laugh from begining til the end! haha...

FionneLoi said...
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Joshua said...

Fionne - Indeed! :)