Jul 15, 2007

Petaling Street Walk

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Yesterday Yip Seng, Steve Ong and Me when for a photo outing at Petaling Street. We had Dim Sum for our breakfast before we start our journey.

When we walked around and we did pass by an India Temple and a Chinese Temple. These are some photos taken.

U all listen! We are going to celebrate our 50th years anniversary of Independent.

Anyone need one?

India Temple

Chinese Temple

Yip Seng in action wit his LOMO!

After that we head for a drink (Air Mata Kucing) that well-known in Petaling Street.
Where's mine? Oh still scooping!

After that we meet up wit the others for lunch. There’s a unique and vintage undergo restaurant located at Jalan Pudu Lama.
Wan to know who the others are? Wat we had for lunch? How vintage is the restaurant?

Stay tune for more!


jaselyn said...

oh.. i miss the air mata kuching.. really nice~

Anonymous said...

Next time come to KL i bring u there minium! :D

jaselyn said...

Hehe.. thanks ya.. =) petaling street got many food are not bad, last time brian us makan the satay also nice.. yummy~ cant wait for my next KL trip..

Anonymous said...

Must call us ya!