Jul 17, 2007

Coconut House at Jalan Pudu Lama

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Now the place Tallboyz and the “other” have their lunch after a journey at Petaling street. This is the restaurant Tallboyz wanted to share, it’s an Italians restaurant.
The environment look odd and vintage as the building look old and paint tainted but it given the feel of classic.

Douglas and The Stevie Wonder.

The "Others"

From front left;
Sean and Angi (Sean Sean's GF).
Steve, Mei Lin and Amanda.

Not to forget we got Douglas behind the camera. Say cheese!

Foods time! As u know Coconut House is an Italians Restaurant, so we ordered pasta, pizza, pizza, pizza and pizza.

Tallboyz love the pizza alot.

This restaurant has alot classical collection and dun pray pray, they use iMac.

The enviroment of this restaurant.

At behind of the restaurant there's a botanical garden

FYI, there are some couples would come here to have theirs pre-wedding photoshot.

Curious on wat does Douglas's LOMO can capture?
This is the sample with green mode in his colour splash speedlight.

and yes! That is tallboyz and steve locked up.

Feel free to logon to Douglas gallery as he has alot abstract & superb photos uploaded.


jaselyn said...

cool.. nice place n nice shoot.. josh u really improve a lot woh.

Anonymous said...

Hehe! Paiseh Paiseh! Still in learning process.

jaselyn said...

next time i wanna be ur model =P

Anonymous said...

Can! Can! Must bring along ur boyboy. Hehe.