Jul 24, 2007

Bad Weather, Bad Luck

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Tallboyz had an accident when Tallboyz on his way to home. The incident happened around 2017 hours at MRRII after Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT. It was raining that time and I was cruising about 50km/h only as the rain slumped heavily and the roads are barely to see due to nite time. Out of sudden a Black color Kenari have an unexpected brake and knocked the car in front. I slap the brake and I able to feel the ABS kicking off and I was able to slot to the side and stopped. I was almost hit the Kenari, luckily just some scratches of the fender. But the car behind (Silver - Toyota Unser) was unable to stop and hit my baby back side.

We all went down and gaze how dreadful of the damages. It was cause by a stupid Volvo owner who jammed brake in the middle of the road. The Kenari in front of me front bumper was dented.

My side taillight broken, rear bumper ripped, back boot door dented and the mud guard ripped off. The Unser behind me side headlamp broken. Hence we went to the nearest police station at Pandan Indah since our cars still can be driven. When we reached to the police station the Unser driver approached me and told me that the car belong to the company and his superior willing to pay the compensate of the damage and wouldn’t want to involve the enforcement so he can keep his NCB.

Now I need to wait 2moro to check what the cost of repairing. My poor baby in pain now! :(


alien_ong81 said...

Oh Joshua. So sad to hear your car involve in the accident. Sigh! Bad luck yah. Dun be sad Joshua.

b3al2 said...

Sorry to see this dude, damn those idiots who brake for nothing.

Anonymous said...

b3al2 - Thanks! Yalor those b@stard dun know how dangerous is that.

Steve - Thanks!

jaselyn said...

sorry for heard tat, josh~ but i think ur baby wil recover soon... be happy ya.. =)

Anonymous said...

Jaseyln - Thanks!