Jul 30, 2007

Steamboat at Queen’s Park

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Yesterday I had dinner with my frens at Queen’s Park. We have steamboat for the day, where this shop famous with their pumpkin for steamboat soup. Other than that they also famous with salty egg crab too.

Here some photos taken with my phone.

We got Chooi Mei, Ronan,

Kristy, Sandy, Yoke Yee,

and Tallboyz of course!

Let's begin with Tallboyz favourites..... is Foooooodssss!

We got Tom Yam soup and its famouse Pumpkin soup.

Salted Egg Crabs!

Very juicy ler! Drooling!!

After the dinner we went to Jalan Imbi to have some Tong Shui.
These wat we has ordered.

Mat Toh Lou! Mixed everything!!! Haha

The phone being naughty! Didn't do it job well.