Jul 3, 2007

Tallboyz 22 Already

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Yesterday was tallboyz Birthday, 22nd ouch!

I had 3 cake in a roll in one day! Let see some photos of cakes I took.

Tallboyz 1st cake was bought by my brother.

Tallboyz 2nd cake was bought by my colleagues.

Tallboyz 3rd cake was bought by my secondary frens after a marvelous dinner with them in KLCC. Y got "Tall" and "Short"? Hehe! Actually we celebrating 2 persons Bday, "Tall" is me of course and "Short" is my fren Kristy.

Let guess where tallboyz head to for his B’day birthday bash!

Stay tune, more photos will be uploaded 2moro.


jaselyn said...

wow... 3 cakes.. haha... so many.. i think lately u will dun dare to near the cake anymore...
btw the cakes are pretty!!!

i know the answer.. is GENKI SUSHI,rite? hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love the cakes. Haha! Jaselyn u r right!