Jul 12, 2007

Album Artwork!

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Wat the heck is album artwork? Wat does it do?
Basically it is an album cover that embedded on a music files. Example;
(For clearer view plz click on the picture to enlarge)

WMP wit Album Artwork

iTunes wit Album Artwork

WMP witout Album Artwork

iTunes witout Album Artwork

How to do that?
For WMP you may need play the song with you WMP and click on library, right click on the song that you wanted and select find album info. It will help to look for the closest album cover.

If it can’t find you still can do it manually by download the album cover picture from http://www.allmusic.com/ and update it. The procedures are as below.

Click on Advanced Tag Editor, click on pictures, and add the picture you want.

The most important thing is select picture type as “Cover (front)”

As for iTunes, you need to download iTunes Art Importer and you can download it here iTunes Artwork. Open your iTunes and the iTunes Art Importer that you have installed.

Play the sound that you want. Click on the magnifier logo on iTunes Art Importer to search the album cover.

Select which album cover you prefer. Then click on the write to CD logo.

Walah! Is done!

Hope this can explain wat is Album Artwork. Actually all of this info I got it from Google! God bless Google!
To have the album cover shown on Ipod and Symbian S60 3rd player you may need follow the procedure on WMP method as iTunes will only store the album cover photo in iTunes player and not in the .mp3 files.

Screen shot from my Nokia N95
The Dull Album
With Album Artwork. WoHo! YeHo! WoHo! YeHo!
Intricate to find the album cover? Just print screen the album you found with iTunes Art Importer and update it through WMP.

Cheers everyone!