Jan 22, 2008

I was on Radio

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Yesterday I leave the office about 6:45pm. I used to listen to 988 while I’m driving back home. I like the segment of “Kah Sai Yu Fai” hosted by Wong KK and Monar. They are damn funny and Siao.

Then I heard “Meet the Spartans” tele-contest. Meet the Spartans is an epic movie based on 300. This game required us to imagine “If you are the director of this movie, who Hollywood’s star you would hire for this movie.

So I try my luck and called in. I was shocked, after few failed attempts I was able to get thru and somebody answered my call. I was the 2nd lucky caller.

OMG!!! I was damn nervous.

Anyone got listen to 988 around 7pm yesterday? =P

This is my answer after 1 minutes of thinking;
If I were the director, I would like to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger coz he got a coarse and funny voice, beside that he need to wear skirt. Imagine a big muscular guys wearing skirt acting in the movie.

As simple as that, I won 4 premier tickets of "Meet the Spartans". Woots!


chingy said...

Wahhh, 4 tickets! I like the Britney Spears part in the trailer. =D

miCh said...

last time i used to won bothers bear movie tickets also, but after dat dint won any again lol
i wan go watch meet the spartan.. =P

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

LOL good job! congrates

Anonymous said...

Chingy - Haha! That's funny!
Mich - Brothers Bear? =P
SlowCatchUpKuan - Thanks! =)

enigmaz said...

oiii i wana watch too :P

miCh said...

yala....i was so loooooong time ago LOL

Raymond said...

i've actually watched this movie. dun ask me how i watched it, coz i can't say it here but its worth your time!!! go with a bunch of frens and laugh your head off!!! enjoy and congrats!!!

RuRu Jane~ said...

i like ka sai yu fai also.. they both are really funny.

you are lucky !!!! haha

enjoy the movie! :P

Anonymous said...

Enigmaz - Sorry, tickets booked =P
Mich - =D
Raymond - So the movie nice? Thanks!
Ruru Jane - I always listen to them, good partner. Thanks!

hp84 said...

Congrats to you Joshua, I've never tried any of radio contest. Maybe i should try someday.

Anonymous said...

HP84 - Thanks! U should try one day. =D