May 2, 2010

The Losers Is Cool | Ninja Joe

Posted by Joshua |

I've just watched "The Losers" this evening at Tropicana City Mall. It was a last minutes decision to watch the movie, luckily I've a device that allow me to check & purchase the tickets online avoided the hassle of super long queuing.

This movie is about a group of an elite army forces who got betrayed by a rich and powerful member of CIA black ops. They were presumed dead after an explosion to a helicopter that thought would have killed them all. The group makes plan for revenge as well to clean off theirs' name.

Rate 8/10 The storyline is very good. The teamworks and plans between the members is simply awesome.

After the movie, me and YY went to try out Ninja Joe.

This is the 1st time I tried out the famous Pork Burger from Ninja Joe. Had Pork Burger once at McDonalds, Thailand and I missed it a lot.

I tried the Teriyaki Pork Burger and it taste super nice lor.

Gonna try out again others favourites very soon. Who wanna go with me? XD


TZ said...

i think i have to be kiasu to try out the Ninja Joe... Smallkucing and Tallboyz already tried this and blog about it.

Maybe next week should ask around whether anyone wanna to go with me :p

Ninja Joe here i come...

Joshua said...

TZ - You should try it out!