Jan 23, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 1 - Bananaland

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As per referred to my previous post, I'm honor to be able to take part in the Firefly Inaugural Flight to Kuching, Sarawak.

This is the 1st flight by Firefly to Borneo with their new plane Boeing 737-800, although it's a new plane but the seats and plastic dash were like refurbished. Few Artistes, Medias & Bloggers are invited in this event.

Thanks to Firefly again for the courtesy flight, accommodation and activities arrangement for all of us. Had a delightful visit to Sarawak, especially experience the local cultural, friendly Sarawakian & FOODs. XD

Let's the photos flow my experience in Kuching.

I woke up around 5am to catch the KLIA Express train at KL Sentral. Bumped with Spinzer, Rebecca, Jerine & Shannon before we head to KLIA.

BTW, flight by Firefly to Borneo need to be taken in KLIA and not the old Subang airport. Early I was thought Firefly should be at Subang airport.

Check-in luggage and got my media pass.

The flight was about 1 hour 30 minutes from KLIA to Kuching International Airport. I actually holded my small business so I can give a visit to the toilet haha!

They did serve breakfast to us during the flight.

I did do the comparison of the real meal the provided with the menu. Guess what? It just look the same with the illustration on the menu Aiks! Can't complain and get the CEO of Firefly to call me just like Kennysia did with MAS lol!

Arrived in Kuching International Airport around 8.30am and the new B737-800 was splashed with blessing water, it's a cultural for Sarawak people. Early was thought raining or terrorist attack.

Upon arrival I was shocked because we were greet by Deputy Chief Minister, Sarawak, YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan. I even shook his shake. Beside that my fugly face was appeared on few local TV News such as NTV7, TV3 & also 8TV in coverage to this event. So bangga can?

There was a welcome session with YB & also Ms Angelina Fernandez, Head of Marketing & Communications, Firefly.

Next we were split into 3 groups, I was grouped with the bloggers and few artistes & medias, stayed in Sarawak Cultural Village.

It's located about 1 hour from Kuching town, yeah it's kind of outskirt of Kuching and it's gonna be like living in primitive manners lol! I'm just joking.

While we on our way there, we stopped by at Satok for a quick lunch.

The hunting of course the femes Kolo Mee lor.

Me & Shannon have a walk walk nearby a market. The things that I can see is BANANA and it's a lot of it in different sizes and colours. I was like WTF!

According to the local, Sarawak's soil is so rich where you can simply throw a banana it will grow by itself. So banana can be found anywhere and the price is super cheap.

This is the Sarawak Culture Village, the famous Rainforest World Music Festival was took place here.

We were welcomed by the Dayak's people in SCV and gave us briefing what's the activities will be done through out the 4 days here.

We all stayed in Iban's real longhouse with real human skulls hang inside the house. It's real and I'm not shitting about this.

The girl would have their own dormitory room and this is my room. Sad kan? No feather pillow, air cond, water heater and the most important thing WIFI. lol!

Hahah! It's not really that bad tho, at least it has electricity and toilet.

It's a great experience to learn how's the native people live and survive with the nature.

I'm not liaring about human skulls.

The black thingy hang top were real human skull and this place is at the hall way of the house. Creepy kan?

Most photos coming up next. Do follow me on twitter @Tallboyz


ahlost said...

Wahahaha.. you were really in Kuching wor...

can't wait for your next post ;)

Jenny said...

Hai Joshua,
its the Dayaks community,,,not the kayaks..thanks

Xjion89 said...

so coooool^^

Anonymous said...

ahlost - Hahha! U think I lie? :P

Jenny - Aiks! Sorry and thanks for the correction. :)

Xjion89 - Cool? Not yellow meh? lol!