Jan 4, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

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Just had my 1st movie for year 2011 at e@Curve. Special thanks to UIP Malaysia for the invitation.

Paranormal Activity 2 should have labeled it to Paranormal Activity 0.

For those who have watched Paranormal Activity 1, you will found the movie is actually linked back to it.

PA 2 would tell back the story how PA 1 started. Hahahha! Getting confused right?

PA 2 is the starter of this evil demon haunted in the house. Footages were captured with handycam and house's CCTV. This time the movie has less shaky footages as compare with the earlier PA by used CCTV cameras.

The story started with a family moved into a new house and after experience what they think a series of "house breakin" They decided to install security CCTV camera around their house, but after time they only realize that the events is not what they can imagine.

Check out the movie trailer below;

Rate 7.5/10 Get storylines and cleaned way linked to the previous sequel. Quite tension also waiting what's gonna happens next. Quite prefer this method of filming by recording real noise without add-on fake sound effects.
But I did found the movie this time has less climate scenes and not as horror as compare to the 1st sequels.


benooi said...

I prefer the one

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