Jan 24, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 2 - Kill Kenny?

Posted by Joshua |

Back to my Kuching trip.

After we settled down at SCV, we all are invited for a Welcome Cocktail Party at Victoria Arms.

Victoria Arms is located at Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites in Kuching town.

I've mentioned before, our group was together with few local artistes. The artistes are from Wake The Baby which consist of Riz, Ilyka, Aisya Hasnaa & Sani .

Ilyka did performed that night.

She got a very powerful voice.

Did I mentioned anything about dinner? No right?

We didn't have any dinner how we can Kill Kenny? lol!

We were only give out some hand bites which is not enough for turbocharge stomach me.

Luckily we have savior from Kuching Bloggers to brought us for Jalan Jalan Cari Makan nearby the area.

Meet the bloggers & Li Fern from Firefly.

We all went to the open market which are walking distance from Merdeka Palace.

This is one of a hot spot for makan that recommended by Akira aka Jian.

Here's the makan gang who sneaked out from the Cocktail Party. Can recognize anyone inside the picha? Jerine sure gonna kill me for this, high five to Chris

Photo taken from Spinzer

We ordered a lot foods including

It's something like siu mai.

the beef noodle's soup was awesome.

The char siew bao taste very different compare in KL and the size is much more bigger.

We even tried Kolo Mee, Cha Kueh, ABC, Metahon & White Lady.

That's all for day 1 in Kuching, stay tune for more about my Kuching trip.


Nicholas Chan said...

Kuching! Seems like a good place to go. I want to eat kulo mee lo! Didn't try before.

jfook said...

I haven't been to the "sio bee" aka siew mai stall for quite a long time because the person who sells the "sio bee" is freaking rude. HAHA. Seriously it's kinda overrated cos I think ok ok only lor but so many people are willing to drive to town just to buy the "sio bee" hahaha

TZ said...

I missed Kuching so much...

Joshua said...

Nicholas - U should try, it's awesome weh. lol

jfook - Serious? But then I also taste it so so only.

TZ - CNY is just the corner, go back lar! :)

London Caller said...

Ha! How was their mee kolo?
I tried it once in Singapore, but it was so rubbish.

Joshua said...

London Caller - Kolo Mee original from Sarawak thus it should be much/way better than others :)