Jan 26, 2011

Alson & Abby Birthdays at MAIU

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Just got back from Alson & Abby birthdays celebration dinner at MAIU.

MAIU is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Damansara Perdana and previously this restaurant was belong to Umai-ya which also a Japanese Restaurant.

Once I reached to the entrance I know this restaurant are racist.

Yeah! Racist but not skin colour racist but height racist.

Tall people have to pay more. It's unfair for a tall kid like me. lol!

Warning! There gonna be a lot mouth watering foods picha. I would not be responsible if you die because of too hungry/craving or got electrocuted for licking your monitor/LCD screen.

I've warned you! XD

Since it's buffet, we ordered super a lot foods and I totally forgotten what's the name. Nevermind lar, just show you guys the picha.

Love the bean.

Chicken Teriyaki.

Soft shell crab sushi

What the fish?

Fried chicken in soup???

There are a lot more where I didn't post it up.

The dinner was wrapped up with dessert lor.

They got Chocolate, Green Tea or Wasabi.

The birthday gal & boy. Please ignore the gal on the left, she always cut cake in people's birthday. Weird hobby huh? :P

That Sandy, Abby & Alson

Of course not to miss group picha of us.

The foods there overall was not bad and the price was a great deals. All eat full and raise white flag. Hahahah!

That's all for now, next will be continue my Kuching trip. Stay tune, do follow me on Twitter yo @tallboyz