Jan 22, 2011

Great Day & Homecoming

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I've just watched 2 local movies on the same week & both is super nice.

The 1st movie I watched was Great Day 天天好天

"Great Day" tells the story of 2 uncles who live in an old folk home in Perlis who always argue whose children has done better and how filial to them. The story continue with the escape to Kuala Lumpur to find theirs children.

The story shown respect and love to our parent when we still got the chance. Laughter throughout the movie seasoned with Malaysian joke. Multilingual applied in the movie, 1Malaysia ma.

Check out the movie trailer;

Rate 9/10 A must watch local movie that you should bring along your friends and family. After all we should support local movie. A lot Malaysia's beautiful scenes captured.

The second movies I've watched is Homecoming, can consider almost half local movie where the movie took place in Malaysia with few local artist like Ah Niu & Afldin Shauki

Special thanks to UIP Malaysia for the invitation.

Homecoming is about 3 stories of 3 different individuals going home for Chinese New Year. The used to act as grandma in Liang Po Po, Jack Neo now in action again as women.

The movie tells what it means to go home for Chinese New Year and the essence of the warmth traditional for people celebrating the idea of coming home together for a once a year reunion on Chinese New Year eve.

The trailer of Homecoming

Rate 9/10 Do really can sense the Chinese New Year feel in this movie. Love the familiarity languages and scenes of this movie.

Stay tune for my Kuching trip post next!


Nicholas Chan said...

I watched Great Day it's good and is looking forward to watch Homecoming. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

You should watch, I'm sure it's gonna LOYA. :P