Aug 9, 2011

The Rise of The Planet of The Apes

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Finally I've watched "The Rise of The Planet of The Apes" hmmm does anyone felt the title is abit weird or just me??

This movie actually reminder me the ancient chinese movie "Xu Em Hong" The Monkey King Hahah!

Ok! The story set in San Francisco, where a company run experiments on apes to find a medical cure for Alzheimer disease. The genetic engineering has lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

Although this is not a big movie like Marvels or DC but I found the outcome is superb. Great CGI and great storyline. It able to deliver the message of selfishness of human.

Rate 9.5/10 Feel so touched and almost cried out when he got locked up and he drew a windows that similar to home he stayed. Highly recommended to watch!

Check out the trailer of this movie


Kian Fai said...

wow high rating, I had seen other blog that rate high high also

thanks for sharing hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Kian Fai - It's a nice movie! U must watch! hahahah!

MichLeong said...

Got to agree that through the movie, we can see how animal testing is cruel :|