Aug 1, 2011

Insighter | Ouch! | Harry Potter

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Last Saturday I've met up some Honda Insight enthusiasm owners at Kayu, Aman Suria.

All were gathered from the Facebook Honda Insight Malaysia community, so I also go there kepoh kepoh. lol!

There were 12 peoples turned up that day and had a photo session too. Hmmm why car only huh? My face ler?

7 out of 12 are white, 1 blue, 1 black and 3 silver if I remember correctly Woots! Can spot my car? neh the black roof one ler :P

Had a great chat and meet up with them, shared thought and experience of their cars, super friendly. They already have a plan to have a day convoy trip to Putrajaya. Hope it's gonna happen soon! :)

Cheers to all Insighters!!! Let's go Green, save the mother earth! Hahah!

Warning! Next photo gonna be very graphical, not for weak heart.

Last Sunday I've went to a bloods donation campaign at Jusco, Maluri. Noticed the campaign on Saturday but didn't brought my red book, so only come on the next day.

Tweeted about it and few of my friends responded to go together-gether. Jonny & Bee Kim, I'm proud of you two :)

There was a lot people queuing up to donate bloods, probably before of weekend some more it's at shopping mall.

This is my 6th times, I got no money to help people but I can spare my bloods to those who really need it.

I'm so proud of myself can? Shiok sendiri + tak tahu malu

She poked me, due to my skin wrap bone easily my vain spotted. The images so OMG right? Hahahah! Sorry if I've made you vomit/sick/ill. I've warned you :P

After the donation, me and my friends went for movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

I've missed the part 1 thus the starting made me a bit clueless what it's about.

A great wrap up on the final series of Harry Potter, simply brilliant. Magics packed, great CG, wonder how's like in 3D. The last scene, after 19 years had me LMAO. How come they never grew taller? Who agree?

Rate 9/10 I want to watch back the whole series of Harry Potter again!


SiMon Har said...

hey! i thought your car is yellow colour lol!

Joshua said...

Simon - Hahah! I used highlighter ma, can remove one :P