Aug 23, 2011

Taiwan Day 3 - Shifen Train Station (Sky Lantern)

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Continue my Taiwan journey! After visited Jiufen, we headed to Shifen, train station. Here is the place where a lot people set free sky lantern to the sky, so did we my first time ok?

As you can see the train station is still operating and I don't know why some blog said it has stopped operation and no trains will pass by.

Say cheeese!

We walk walk on the train rails and snap snap picture. See! So nice Mich the background. Hahahah!

I didn't miss the chance to plank yo!

My 3rd plank in Taiwan after Martyrs' Shine & Yehliu Geopark.

and the 4th on a bridge nearby the train station. lol! I know it look stupid silly but I really can't help it! It's fun to do it on a place that no one know you. Who agree? Let me see your plank!

We bought our Sky Lantern and it's RED, this gonna bring us ONG! HUAT AHHH!!! Hahahha!

We wrote our wishes on it and set it free to the sky so the gods will make our wishes will come true. We all are so greedy one, filled up the entire page with wishes. Oh ya! Did you spot my blog? Wonder the person who picked up this lantern would visit my blog or follow me on twitter?

There are a lot souvenirs shop selling lantern near to the train rail. The near I meant is really near! -.-"

While we writing half way, we need to move our butt back inside to let the train pass.

Manage took a video while we setting up the sky lantern

All are ready to let it go!

Go! Fly with the wind! Pass the message to the god that we all want to be a Billionaire! *day dream*

That all my visit at Shifen. The day reaching to dusk, so we headed back to our homestay and had our dinner nearby there.

More photos on my facebook. More blogpost about Taiwan next! Stay tune yo!


Filip Demuinck said...

Very nice article, love the pictures. A bit tricky planking on the railway tracks but ok your friend were watching for the train. The picture in the mirror was a fantastic idea.


Isaac Tan said...

Awesome photos and interesting planking you did there bro! :)

Anonymous said...

Filip - Thanks man! It look fine to take group picture :)

Isaac - Thanks bro!