Aug 21, 2011

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

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Just got back from dinner and a movie with Buddy at Pavilion.

Celebrated an advance birthday for YY and more about it next.

Now I'm gonna have a quick and short blogpost about a movie that I've watched a while ago.

DO NOT spend your time/money to watch Spy Kids or even download. It's a stupid and kiddo movie, unless for your kids or you would like to try out the 4D Aroma Scope.

What is 4D aroma-scope?

They give you a scents card with number on it. You need to scratch the number when it appeared on the screen so it will release some scents as if you were there. er....... creative? don't get the point? stupid? you decide. I didn't try that as I've only watched the normal one.

Spy Kids is an action comedy about a retired spy who are called back into action and to bond with her new step children. She invited them along for the adventure to stop the evil Timekeeper from taking over the world.

Rate 2/10 The 2 points is given to Jessica Alba and the movie got nothing to shout about. The talking dog, the doesn't make sense evil plan by Timekeeper, the Kung Fu baby.... OMG! Please kill me.


Lim Yimei said...

What's the diff between 2D and 3D? The aroma scope comes if you watch in 3D?

TZ said...

Finally the 4D came... I watch the 4D in Disneyland Kodak Theather. whenever there is a splash of water in the movie . You will feel the water. some time you will smell as what the character smell :p

BTW, how much is the movie ticket for 4D?

Mouse Moushu said...

not so bad, i rate 4/10..

Xjion89 said...

i will gif 4 to Jessica Alba~^^

Anonymous said...

Lim Yimei - 2D = 35mm, 3D = As if it's come out, 4D = 3D + aroma scents :)

TZ - Spy Kids is a more complete movie compare with those 4D like available in Genting.

Mouse - Hahah! Ok lar!

Xjion89 - Hahaha! She's hot!

benooi said...

HAHA! only rated 2

lyCayenne said...

hahahah! OMG please kill me too!
proved that you can't watch movie for kids anymore. some goes to me. :P I find it errr kinda amusing for me. seriously it was like the feeling of the gush of cold wind blew to me in certain scenes.

Anonymous said...

benooi - Yeah! Really bad!

lyCayenne - *LIKE*