Aug 19, 2011

Taiwan Day 3 - Jiufen

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Continue my Taiwan journey day 3. After visited Yehliu Geopark, we have went to Jiufen direct translation nine point? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Jiufen are famous with red lantern street and famous with mochi, pineapple cake, sunflower biscuits, fishballs and more unique foods.

The famous mochi. This mochi are also sold in Jusco but of course Taiwan here taste much better lor.

We did try this "Red Wine Meat Ball with Glutious Rice Skin"

It taste not bad tho but not everyone would like the taste and the outlook.

Jiufen is surrounded with superb view. Snapped this from the shop of Red Wine Meat.

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We did also try Ah Gan Yee Taro Balls which look or are the same like Snowflake that we have in Malaysia.

It taste much better than snowflake in KL, better chew. I've showed them my snowflake card but then they rejected me. -.-"

Saw a lot amazing and weird foods.

Have you ever try this big size of mushroom?

or eat this kind of snails? Yeah! This is those normal snails that can be spotted after rain. ewwwww!

Doreamon's favourite snack, dorayaki also spotted here.

They also have ice cream dorayaki

Spent probably about an hour plus walking and makan-ing at this street.

We stopped by at this Chiu Chunt Dint restaurant for a rest before we head to next destination.

ordered Tiramisu, Mango lou and more.

p/s there are minimum charges of NT $100 per person if you don't order any drink/foods.

Our next destination is somewhere with "Hung Meng Tang" / "Red Lantern Wishes"

Can anyone guess?


FeeQ said...

whoa... eat eat eat =)

Anonymous said...

FeeQ - Yeah! Eat all the way! :)