Nov 22, 2007

A Day Trip to Bukit Cahaya

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Yeah! I went to Bukit Cahaya for the 2nd time. The 1st time was celebrating MyviC 2nd Years Anniversary.

This time is with my fellow buddies. The weather that wasn’t that good and rain started to took place once we reached there, luckily the rain ended in a short time.

We rented bicycles coz that area is immense and there are a lot slopes and hills need to climb. Those like us that never don’t often exercise will feel painful cycling around and the bicycle become our burden. Haha!

Yoke Yee exclaimed incessantly from the very 1st time she pedaled on the bicycle. Whole hill filled with her noise.

There are no more cloudy and blue skies after the rain, so most of the photos were taken closed up. I also used my phone to take photos coz I was on bicycle and lazy to take out my camera.

Some photos took that day.

taken with N95

Camwhore 1st can?

taken with N95

Look at the horses. They are more skinny than me. Poor thing! There's no grasses or wheats around them.

Parked our bikes nicely!

Mun Lay posed! :P

My buddies.

Camwhoring is very dangerous and infectiously.

The only couple (Meaning I'm still Single) They are a sweet couple.

To end this, we all peace together-gether. PEACE!

BTW this is my 100th posts of my blogspot.

Yes, it wasn’t a big deal, but who care? It is my 100th posts. Hehe!

A special thanks to those who being so supportive to my blog! Thank You


gLaDieZz said...

Rames always use that font. Haha.

Congratulations!! smiles

Anonymous said...

Gladiezz - Yeah! I love that font too. Thanks ya!

JJzai said...

Congratulation and Happy 100th post!!!!

Anonymous said...

JJZai - Thanks man!

Anonymous said...
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