Nov 13, 2007

Scenery of Malacca

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It's our 1 day trip in collaboration of a public holiday, Deepavali.

We start our journey at 1am. OMG! Mid nite drive again? Luckily 17X km only!

Once we reached there we went for makan. We are like zombies driving around searching for flesh foods.

So we had Dim Sum. After that we drive around in the town searching for guest house then we pass by Malacca’s river bank.

It is damn nice I tell you. The houses along the river were lit up with light and the nice ambience reflection light from the river.

Nice can?

Next we continue search for guest house, we all damn tired.
You know what, most of the guest houses were closed and some declined us with excuses of we didn’t do an advance booking and no receptionist. WTF!

Luckily we manage to rent a motel after the 2 hours of hassle searching at the town.

The next day same day is photo outing time. We shoot, shoot and shoot.

The weather that day is awesome but abit hot and it didn't stop from being Siao! Hehe!

This what I have shot;

How come only buildings?

Hehe! Next going to be our Siao acts in Malacca. Stay tune!


Darren Khor said...

nice shot!!! lovely ah pei smiling at u man..

Anonymous said...

Darren - Thanks! That uncle really co operate. =)

Douglas said...

Tat uncle was holding a knife back then, he was awaiting to slash u back then if u peep on him a little bit longer. Look out what he stashed behind those flowers. Hoho.

Anonymous said...

Douglas - I never thought so! Haha! Luckily I'm still alive! =P