Nov 28, 2007

New Firmware for Nokia N95-1

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Finally Nokia wrote a new firmware for N95. I was thought Nokia will abandon the N95 after a new launch of Nokia N95 8GB.

They released V20.0.0.15 with has fixed a lot bugs that the previous version of V12 have.

I updated it and have been using it for 2 days. There’s a lot enchantment applied on the new firmware.

1. New icon structure with addition of the N-Gage application and one free demo of Fifa which can be played 10 times. (Stingy them)
2. Search app has its own place in the active standby (That’s is cool and convenience to use)
3. Phone is much faster to operate and the real difference is seen in the boot time.
4. Multimedia menu still the same but does not pop up on opening the slider in the opposite direction.
5. Free memory between 22-30 mb during normal usage.
6. Camera has NEW gentlemen auto focus sound.
7. Viewfinder grid added in the camera menu
8. VIDEO ringtones. Native support for video ringtones finally added.
9. Radio has a new icon.
10. Music player has a new icon for Podcasts, alongwith a new Visualization called Circles, and also new buttons on the Screen for the audio controls.
11. Gallery opens really quick and it has a new animation in flipping pictures.
12. New Real Player.1
3. Same old flash lite 2.0, no Youtube support.
14. New Maps software applied where the tracking feature removed. (Time to change to Mapking 2007)
15. Browser has slight changes.
16. Keypress bug GONE!
17. No out of memory messages yet.
18. Wi Fi somewhat cleverer in detecting connections around!
19. New menu added in videos, SET AS TONE
20. Fast switching between landscape and portrait mode.
21. Camera switched on very fast. In 2 seconds. (Something good for people like take photo)
24. New version of quickoffice.
25. No more distorted sound during voice call.
26. Better photo quality and no more green fine lines when take picture that has low light lighting.

Updated photos of my nephew;
Baby Ethan (3months 29 days)

He look handsome doesn't he?

Cute ler!


Paulyn said...

oohhh...he's very very very cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Paulyn - Thank you! =)

Dan - said...

dude, after i upgrade the firmware ... it wont auto lock for the keypad anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dan - I dun have the problem wor, mayb u can try to reinstall the firmware.