Nov 27, 2007

What's ur Breakfast?

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I’m already done with lunch and dinner.

Now gonna be Breakfast.

Not sure u guys tried before Nasi Lemak that sells in front of Steven’s Corner, Pandan Indah.
Not sold by Steven’s Corner, it’s a van that only opened for few hours in the morning.

Heard that, in less than 2 hours all the foods would be cleared off. OMG!

So last week I went there early early about 7:30am, my mum asked to go early as a lot ppl might already lining up there.
It was true, got ppl queuing before the van was there.

The van arrived at around 8:00am.

Suddenly I heard some voice.

Macam biasa 40 bungkus!!
Saya mahu 15 bungkus!
20 thank you!

WTF! U wan to buy and sell meh? No kidding man!

This is the stall, getting ready for business.

Can u c steven's corner?

Macam macam ada.

This is the special sambal! It look spicy but it doesn't. Taste very sweet. U know lar me cannot eat spicy mah!

4 big buckets of rice man!

All waited patiently.

A picture before I leave.

This is my Nasi Lemak. Sorry the picture abit shaky, too hungry so my hand get a bit shaky. :P

So what u had for ur breakfast?


kimfei said...

i heard my fren say somewhere near wangsa maju there also got 1 nasi lemak very nice ..but is for supper de la..u know it??

Anonymous said...

Kimfei - I have no idea wor! Then can talk about supper liao! Haha!

Hon Mun said...


Anonymous said...

HonMun - BRJ! Been sometime didn't went there. No parking and too crowded! =)

Hon Mun said...

Hard to find a parking there, especially when got Live football matches. @.@

*js linked u in my blog =)

Anonymous said...

Hon Mun - Yeah! Oh thanks! Will link u now!

TS Wong said...

Now no more right, where can i find them? really miss their nasi lemak!!