Nov 19, 2007

Tyre Punctured

Posted by Anonymous |

I went out for lunch just now and I parked my car nearby the restaurant. Then I walked to the parking machine. When I turned back, I was o.O. OMG! My tyre were punctured!

Luckily there's a tyre shop nearby, so I fast fast drove my car there. They jacked up my car and he pointed me a silver thingy stuck in the tyre.

Then he removed it and the air came off very fast. It was a silver pin that dun have a sharp edge. Wondering how a round surfaced pin can poked into the tyre?

They covered the hole with some sort of tyre's material rubber.

Fast and easy. Less than 5 minutes.

Damage = RM5.00.


SilverIsle said...

Can last ar that thing? Haha.

Anonymous said...

Silverisle - So far no problem! Should be very lasty, till it poked again. =)