Jan 22, 2008


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As promised! Bring you Youth08. Actually I was there about an hour only then leave to Petaling Street to attend Douglas’s Photo Exhibition.

Reached PWTC about 1pm, then meet with SmashpOp, Rames and Jenifer.

I saw a lot desktops has setup up and showing few blogs that I regularly read.


Bollywood Star, Rames.

The African Boy that cover with a leaf. Kimfei

I also took a short video Rames and SmashpOp promoting their's blog.

Youth08 from Joshua on Vimeo.
There's alot activities but I didn't stay there for long. So only cam whore a bit with Jason, Jen & Rames,

Credit to SmashpOp and Rames for the last 2 photos.

Sorry for having a short update on Youth08.


chingy said...

I see my bloggie! XDDDD

Anonymous said...

Chingy - Yeah! Ur blog is there! =P