Jan 25, 2008


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Lately I didn't go out for photo outing thus not much update can be made. A simple post for 2day, can?

My colleague just came back from Japan, he had his HoneyMoon over there.

OMG! Japan! My dream holiday destination.

So kind of him, he bought me a can of "Coca Cola" (Actually I requested him to buy one).

He also bought assorted junk foods from Japan. Got Kit Kats, Menthos, Green Tea Chocolate and more. Dun play play! Imported one ok? Haha!

The one I like the most is the Strawberry Milk Chocolate and Scallop. Yes! Scallop in a vaccum pack. Damn nice!


RuRu Jane~ said...

waa.. nice..

but strange that he didnt buy thier instant noodle!!!

it's super duper very da yummy can!!

i just had one last week.. haha

Anonymous said...

hmm..i wonder the mentos what kind of taste wan..same like msia wan or better..haha..

i love japanese food btw..

Anonymous said...

Ruru Jane - Izit? Too bad he didn't bought. =(

Gary Ooi - The mentos is "Pure Lemon" I think cannot be found in Malaysia. That nice can! =D

I love Japs foods too!

chingy said...

I also wanna go. T_T

Anonymous said...

Chingy - Get married and go honeymoon there =P