Jan 28, 2008

Douglas's Photo Exhibition

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Yes, I know! It was past more than a week and I should have post this earlier.

Dun care lar, as long I can update. =P

Ok! Last week Douglas held a Photo Exhibition and conducted a short talk bout his photographing at Petaling Street in Popular building.

Here's some of his collection/gallery.

There's a slide of wood where we can sign and write some comments.

Presentation begin.....

Alot ppl tho.... and some came all the way from JB to support him =)

This is his LCA-Lomo. Wanna know wat's the outcome of the lomo? Click here LOMO.

I would said it was a successful exhibition and attracted a lot photographing enthusiasm to know more bout photographing.

This gonna be his 1st photo exhibition and I believe there will be more coming after he's back from Australia.

Good Luck and All The Best bro!