Jan 26, 2008

How's Your Saturday?

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By right I only work 5 days week, sadly 2day I need to work and yes I update my blog in my office =P

Lately lot laptops lodged in for repair and a lot was pending, thus 2day we decided to come back to office.

Repairing few laptops on my table.

This is my supervisor Micheal, he look very "yeh" right? He just permed and coloured his hair =P

We got a special guest, new colleague I would say.

Padraig, Celine's son.

Y no Celine face? She threaten me, if I took picture of her she will kick my ass. Hahaha!

As for lunch, we ordered McD.

There goes my Saturday. How's about you guys?


RuRu Jane~ said...

oh.. my Saturday just same with yours, with work!!

Tomorrow I am working as well. I am trying to finish my work as much as I could before I go for vacation during CNY. :P

Btw, I am using Fujitsu S-series Lifebook!!! around 2 years now. Lately seems like got something wrong with the fan la.. sometimes tiba tiba noisy noisy.. lol

Anonymous said...

Ruru Jane - So when is ur holiday? Lifebook wor, haha! Probably the fans got dirts and need to service. Too bad Korea dun have SC. Mayb u come to find me, I help u to service. =)

RuRu Jane~ said...

My vacation is from 8th Feb till 16th Feb.. hehe..

Sure will go to find you.. :p

Should be some times around June.

Will let you know.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Ruru Jane - Wokie! =)

hp84 said...

joshua, i didn't know you can repair laptop. Can I know whether you can repair laptop's battery?

Anonymous said...

Hp84 - Yeah! I work as a technical mah! Battery cells replacement ar? dun know wor. Sorry!